August 10, 2022

Ferguson Disqualified From USA 100 Ultimate Event At Virginia Motor Speedway; Erwin Declared Winner

Carnesville, Georgia - As of August 9, 2022 The Ultimate Super Late Model Series Southeast Region has disqualified Chris Ferguson from Saturdays (8/6/22) "46th Annual Ernie Shelton USA 100" event along with his $20,000 victory at Virginia Motor Speedway located in Jamaica, Virginia.

Ferguson was disqualified from the "46th Annual Ernie Shelton USA 100" event because Ferguson used a tire that didn't comply with the Ultimate Southeast Tour's event rules set out for the "46th Annual Ernie Shelton USA 100" event.

Ultimate Southeast Tour officials consulted with Hoosier Tire Representatives before making the call official.

Russell Erwin of Beaverdam, Virginia has been declared the winner of the "46th Annual Ernie Shelton USA 100". The victory will mark a career high for Erwin.

The event was also a bonus race for the Heart of America Ultimate Super Late Model Series Region.

The updated results for the August 6th "46th Annual Ernie Shelton USA 100" event at Virginia Motor Speedway are as as follows:

"46th Annual Ernie Shelton USA 100"

Full Results - Virginia Motor Speedway 8/6/22

1. Russell Erwin
2. Gregg Satterlee
3. Zack Mitchell
4. Kyle Hardy
5. Jamie Lathroum
6. Jason Covert
7. Doug Sanders
8. Dale Hollidge
9. Trevor Collins
10. Brian Ledbetter
11. Tyler Emory
12. Sam Archer
13. Josh Harris
14. Cla Knight
15. Ethan Wilson
16. Mason Zeigler
17. Anthony Sanders
18. Tyler Millwood
19. Tyler Bare
20. Davis Lipscombe
21. Jake Rithmeier
DQ - Chris Ferguson

Car Count: 22
Feature Winner: Russell Erwin
Fast Qualifier: Chris Ferguson 17.797
Heat 1 Winner: Chris Ferguson
Heat 2 Winner: Zack Mitchell
Heat 3 Winner: Russell Erwin

Heat 1 - All Transfer: 1. Chris Ferguson, 2. Gregg Satterlee, 3. Dale Hollidge, 4. Tyler Emory, 5. Ethan Wilson, 6. Doug Sanders, 7. Sam Archer, 8. Jake Riethmeier

Heat 2 - All Transfer: 1. Zack Mitchell, 2. Kyle Hardy, 3. Trevor Collins, 4. Jamie Lathroum, 5. Tyler Bare, 6. Josh Harris, 7. Mason Zeigler

Heat 3 - All Transfer: 1. Russell Erwin, 2. Jason Covert, 3. Tyler Millwood, 4. Anthony Sanders, 5. Cla Knight, 6. Brian Ledbetter, 7. Davis Lipscombe

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